Toys Are Necessity For Developing Kitten

Toys are necessity for developing kitten minds. Play gives them an outlet for their energy, mental and physical stimulation. Developing kitten show at least some interest in predatory behavior during playtime. They love to stalk, chase, attack and investigate toys. These behaviours in some ways practicing it. Many cats who were not taught to hunt by their mothers will figure it out on their own. It is safest to supervise your kitten when she is playing with any toy. Even toys designed for your little pet to enjoy on her own can come off of in bits.  Often times, these things  get swallowed with their mouth can cause nasty problems.

You do not need to invest in a cache of expensive fancy cat toy. Kitten will often wander into your cupboard and find a plastic cap, batting at your newspaper than the expensive toy you’ve just presented to her. House cats need to stay busy with play, and we must make sure that the toys we offer are a safe and tempting alternative to household hazards. Yarn, ribbon, and rubber bands are potentially deadly when swallowed.

  • Look for nontoxic labels on toys so you can make sure the materials, if ingested, will not harm your kitten.
  • Ensure trim and decorations are securely fastened to toys. Easily tear off glued-on “parts”may be chew off and swallowed
  • Steer clear of toys with small pieces or parts that can become dislodged during play

No matter how much your kitten enjoys a certain toy, her interest in it may wane if she gets to play with it too often and over too long a period of time. Let her play with it for about a week and then hide it away. Keep a collection of  safe toys to your kitty’s play stash. These can come from household items like plastic shower curtain rings, newspapers, plastic caps. Allow your cat to play in a cardboard box.

Cats usually appreciate softer fluffy toys. Other than that your kitten will likely delight in any toy that gets her attention, helps her to exercise and helps her development. Additionally, check entries in this blog for safe cat toys you can make.


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