Choosing The Correct Litter Box

Litter boxes come in various shapes and configurations, it is important to match the size of the box to the size of your cat. Cat owners often easy to get influenced by a desire to choose a litter box based on fanciness. Before committing to a fancy box, you need to ensure it is the right box for your cat will use regularly.  Place the new box near the old one, and let your cat take his time to make the transition.

Plastic pan:

The pan-style litter boxes is the most popular of all. They comes in different sizes and depths. Shallow litter boxes are useful for older cats who may have trouble climbing into and out of standard litter boxes. These simple litter boxes are the easiest to clean and you can use any type of litter with them. Adult cats sometimes get quite enthusiastic with their bathroom routines and may kick litter out of the box and on to the floor. This litter box is fine if you don’t mind sweeping up the floor periodically.

Sifting litter box:

This sifting litter boxes consists of two stacking litter boxes and a sifting insert. The sifting insert allows the separation of waste from clean litter. This insert keeps the clumps and allowing the clean litter to flow back into the box. You place one litter box inside the other and put the sifting insert in the top box.

Covered litter box:

Covered litter boxes are ideal for keeping the mess of scattered litter over your floor contained. This box features a rigid cover that attaches securely to the base litter box, with an opening for your cat to enter and exit. The covered litter boxes traps odours inside and will need to be cleaned more often than an open one. Covered litter boxes provide privacy for your cat. Larger cats may find these covered litter boxes constricting.

Decorative litter box:

These litter boxes are disguised as furniture. Some concealers are a stylish and ingenious way to hide your cat’s unsightly litter box. Usually, these concealer use a standard plastic litter box inside the chamber.  These cat litter boxes concealers can help to confine the litter mess and the odor.

Self-cleaning litter box:

Self-cleaning litter boxes are a great choice for cat owners who have limited time to clean litter boxes. This litter box is electrically powered, and most use scoopable litter. There are many different types of self-cleaning litter boxes available. These different self-cleaning boxes do have common similarities. They all come equipped with a motion sensor which is able to detects when the cat has left the box, and the cleaning machinery goes into action and scoop out cat pee and poop into a waste receptacle.


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