Keeping Cats Off The Computer

Cat owners often realize their cat seem to be fascinated with computers. Cats like two things, warmth and security.  It is cat’s nature to have the tendency to jump up on your keyboard while you are working to get closer to you. Your computer poses risks for her as cats can wreak havoc with electronic harming herself. To avoid risk of the cat getting entangled with electric cord and chargers,  it is important that you keep your cat off your computer to avoid harming herself.

Some cats likes to sleep atop your computer or printer. Overheating can damage electronics. Cat’s fur tends to ends up inside your computer or your keyboard. If it builds up, it can present a safety hazard as with any build-up of dust and fluff.  Therefore, it is vital that the ventilation areas of your computer be kept unblocked and free of fur. While it is cute when a cat chases something on a computer screen or lies across a keyboard, allowing them to keep doing this cements the habit and encourages them to do it again. Be tough and remove your cat as soon as the activity starts, and keep doing it until she gets the point.

Here are some of the simplest ways to keep your cats off your computer:

  • Provide a computer desk with slide out elements that can be stowed when they are not in use
  • Buy plastic covers for your screen, printer, and keyboard for when not in use
  • Conceal wires and cables by blocking access to them or by enclosing them in tubing specially made for them. Be sure to keep the cords out of sight and definitely not dangling or jiggling!
  • Place a box near your keyboard that is the right size for the cat to sit in. If possible, place it on something warm.
  • Provide cat toys to keep your pet’s attention away from cords and switches



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